Enduro MTB

Elliott Heap

I thought I'd trained properly before, but Fit4Racing is next level!

Enduro Champion in the Making

Elliott is one of the most promising talents in Enduro right now. He knows how to dig in and get the hardwork done in the gym so that he has everything he needs dialled in to bring the gold home at the races. Watch out... he's coming.

The Program

Enduro MTB

Whether you’re an elite rider or ambitious amateur, time means everything. So our programs are designed to use it wisely, fitting around your abilities and lifestyle to give you maximum time on your bike and minimum time in the gym. It builds on all areas of your body, with workouts that will test you and build on your baseline fitness to guarantee you’ll feel stronger and more capable on your bike. It’s your time. Make it count.

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Still not sure or training is for you? You’ll find various workouts and testing you can try out for free – we don’t specify a minimum period on the program, and you can cancel any time, hassle-free. We’re with you all the way too, so if you have any questions just get in touch and we’ll be here to help.

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