Downhill MTB

Meg Whyte

For anyone that's short of time, wants to get better at racing or just riding, look no further than Fit4Racing.

Meg balances a full time job whilst racing at a high domestic level.

It's difficult to find the time to ride as much as you'd like with everyday commitments. Meg uses the short and effective Fit4Racing sessions to make the most of the time she does have. Her bike time might be less than some of her rivals but she dominates races because of her determination and consistency around training.

Meg Whyte

Meg benefits massively from the video instruction she gets with each program. She can download a PDF to take with her to the gym however, for movements and workouts she wants more guidance on, she watches the instructional video included for all workouts. This keeps her safe and performing the workouts as intended so she gets the best from each and every session.

The Program

Downhill MTB

We call it ‘bang-for-buck’ training – getting more benefit in the saddle from less time in the gym – because we know you’d rather be out on your bike than working out. That’s why our training plan fits around your abilities and lifestyle, to get the most out of the time you’re not on your bike to make you a better rider on it. So there’s no excuse…it’s your time, make it count.

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Still not sure or training is for you? You’ll find various workouts and testing you can try out for free – we don’t specify a minimum period on the program, and you can cancel any time, hassle-free. We’re with you all the way too, so if you have any questions just get in touch and we’ll be here to help.

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