The Programs


Fit4Racing is our top tier, original product. Designed with our pro's for all levels of riders. 3 full strength and conditioning training days, with a 4th day of multiple training options including on bike training.

What is Fit4Racing?

Fit4Racing is the best off road bike sports training you can get. With 3 gym focused days of programmed training per week with an optional 4th day that includes an on bike option. Our most focused product to make you faster on the bike - Now with even more bodyweight options for home.

The Programs


Fit4Riding is our training for everyone, think of it as Fit4Racing 'Light'. 2 days of stripped back strength and conditioning and an optional on bike effort on day 3. All achievable with bodyweight or limited equipment.

What is Fit4Riding?

Fit4Riding is our answer to riders with limited access to a gym, or riders looking to maintain strength through busy periods. The training principles are the same as Fit4Racing, multimodal exercise honed for bike riders.