Adam Brayton and Jonny go head to head in a coach vs athlete challenge.

What happens when you pit a pro athlete and his trainer against each other in a fitness challenge? Adam Brayton and Fit4Racing head honcho Jonny face off in this battle to reign supreme… for now. The shirts are off and the gauntlet thrown down. Watch the video to see them both suffer in the struggle to beat each other.

Neither of these two like to lose, so we felt it was going to make for great entertainment to see the two of them working against each other and see who’s crowned fittest. With two work outs to challenge them both, things set off hard, challenge one was a burner, a gassy and grippy challenge on pedalling and climbing for grip. They had to do:

10 Rounds as fast as possible
10x Calorie Assault bike
1x Rope Climb

After a disappointing start, Jonny decided that round two needed focus on Adam’s weaknesses so that he could get a guaranteed win in the bank and draw level with the Keswick Kestral. Challenge two was and intense arm burner with lots of pulling and pushing. They did 6 Minutes with as many rounds of:

10x Toes to Bar
10x Ring Dips
10x Burpee

So what did we learn from this face off? It turns out that Adam had enough on the day to beat Jonny, but that’s not the end of it. We’re going to have a rematch at some point in the future. Fresh challenges and forfeits for losing to make things more exciting!

Want to know more about Adam Brayton? Check his athlete page out.

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