Arm pump is the worst, we hate it! But many people don’t know why they get it and more importantly how to stop it. Let’s take a look at some things that might help. Oh, and this workout isn’t just an arm pump preventer, even if you don’t suffer from it this will be a great workout for any rider.

Why Do I Get Arm Pump?

In a nutshell, the most common belief is that arm pump is a result of prolonged gripping. In turn, an inability to flush out blood from your forearms. This leads to pressure and discomfort, often resulting in pain and loss of grip – a massive set-back for any rider.

Why Do I Get It Now?

For most people, arm pump occurs early in the season or when they are back riding after a prolonged period or rest. This might just mean you haven’t been riding as much and the amount and how hard you are riding has increased. Why is this important to know? It shows that when you aren’t practiced (or conditioned) to ride as much or as hard, you are likely to suffer more from arm pump. Obvious yeah?! But conditioning yourself doesn’t have to be on the bike, on the contrary, training might be your only option if bike time is minimal.

Another thing to consider is “riding tight”. We can only do so much in the gym to physically prepare you. If your riding style means you’re hanging onto your bars super hard 100% of the time, you’ll more than likely suffer. When you practice more you’re less nervous and have a better flow and in turn grip less.

And a final note, if you are generally out of shape or have been doing isolation movements, your body won’t be in prime condition. It’s not just about forearms, but the way your body works as a single unit. Functional training, especially compound lifting (squat, deadlift, clean etc), will help massively with overall ability. So if you’re coming into a time of high volume riding without being in good shape you will suffer.

How Do I Stop Arm Pump?

We can’t help you today with riding style however, we can help you with conditioning. All of our articles will help you become a more able and “in condition” rider, check them out.

For today, this workout is designed to improve the muscular endurance of your forearms. but not only that, tow other key parts of your body – hips and shoulders. By strengthening these along side your forearms, you will better be able to control your bike and body, therefore reducing the need to grip excessively.

How To Do The Workout.

It’s simple really…

Complete as many single arm Kettlebell Clean and Jerks as possible without putting it down. Start with 1 on your left arm, then 1 on your right, without putting it down, 2 on your left then 2 on your right. Increase up the ladder in this way (3/3, 4/4, 5/5…) until you can’t do any more.

Watch the video of Jack Reading (pro DH racer) and see how far he got. It was a 16kg Kettlebell he used but take it easy if it’s your first time and stay within your limits. Safety is so important!

As with all training, ensure you are well warmed up and familiar with the movements before starting. If in doubt, find someone who can help.

What Next?

Let us know how far you get. Tag us into social media with your attempts, we love to see how well everyone does!

Then, if you want a more structured approach to your training, sign up to one of our bike sports specific programs. You can rest assured, they are amazing and completely scalable to all levels of rider. If you’re not sure, sign up and try it for a month. If it’s not for you simply email us and we’ll give you a full refund…. this doesn’t happen often by the way, people tend to be surprised at how great it is.

It’s Your Time. Make It Count.