Do you want to improve your fitness for riding but can’t get to a gym? We have a workout for you. And in this workout we have 3 elements, all of which incorporate bodyweight exercises for mountain bikers. We have one of the best strength movements for hips and legs to start. Then we give you a metabolic conditioning workout to get you fired so you’re explosive and capable next time you ride. A core finisher will ensure you’ve had a full body workout.

Why are we doing this? 

It may seem reactionary to the Covid-19 pandemic however, if you watch the video you will see we have been developing. We have been helping riders of all levels increase their fitness for years, from the best in the world to complete amateurs. One thing that is really important to us is that EVERYONE gets the chance to access good advice on training for riding. We understand you might have limitations and feel the full Fit4Racing program isn’t for you.

The program we have been working on is to meet your more diverse needs. One that includes bodyweight exercises for mountain bikers. Or a program that takes you less time. Or even a program that costs you less.

After months of development we are excited to show you an amazing addition to our already world class programs – Fit4Riding.

How can Fit4Riding help you?

This program is ideal for you if you want a specific focus on fitness for MTB or Moto bike sports and don’t have access to a full gym, you travel often or simply want a lighter version of the Fit4Racing full program because you’re in-season and focusing on riding more. The program is great if you are just starting out on your sports specific training journey or you’re a fully fledged hardcore rider who wants something more appropriate to their individual needs.

We have been working with MBR Magazine for some time and understand your needs further. Those needs include time, access or resources. You may struggle to commit to the top levels of bike specific training. Instead, you want to know your precious time is put to good use on purposeful training that won’t break the bank. Also that you can train anywhere. But most importantly, that you will improve your ability on the bike.

We keep our strong principals at the heart of all decisions we make. Thus, we have created a program we feel best meets your needs as an improving rider. Whilst doing this we stay true to our world famous training style. This is no wishy washy, thrown-together program. This program has ben trialled on some of the best riders in the world. We also tested some beginners who simply want to beat their friends on trails with great success.

What is this workout?

The workout today is a sample of the first day of the Fit4Riding MTB Program. It was filmed in Jonny’s house for a more topical delivery. But the programs are normally filmed fresh each week in the studio gym. This way you can see how to execute them perfectly and safely.

Please watch the video for the full description of the workout.

What Next?

If you have any questions please see out FAQ page or email/message on social media.

Or jump straight in and sign up now. We have a full refund guarantee so you have nothing to lose. Sign up today.