try this out but stay safe!

Cals and Deadlifts, what’s not to like

Similar to our death by burpee challenge we took Adam Brayton again and submitted him to another mental battle, this time against the bike, and deadlifts

What to do

With a timer set, in minute 1 start by doing 10 calories then 1 deadlift (60kg for male, 45kg for female) then rest the remainder of that minute…

On minute 2, complete another 10 cals then 2 deadlifts and rest the remainder of the minute…

Minute 3, 10 cals then 3 deadlifts…. 

Keep increasing each minute by adding 1 deadlift until you can’t complete the deadlifts in that minute.

Safety Notice! We don’t want you to hurt yourself. So if you aren’t comfortable with deadlifts, please don’t hurt yourself by rushing the movement just to get a good score. Stay safe and healthy.