Workout of the Week is here, can you beat Adam Brayton?

Adam Brayton… You might identify that name with a downhill racer with big balls and bigger fitness. He loves to push himself to the limits on every challenge, Downhill MTB training or riding. Now is your chance to see if you can beat his score on the workout of the week.

Although this is titled a downhill workout, if you ride enduro or any moto discipline you should still give it a go.

Downhill MTB Training workout:

This is a simple workout to complete, here is how:

As Many Rounds As Possible in 6 minutes of:

10 calories assault bike

10 Kettlebell swings

10 Over kettlebell burpees

Adam got 4 full rounds and an additional 10 calories on the bike and 1 KB swing. Can you Beat him?

We have chosen these movements because they are big, full body movements. In turn, they encourage explosive and functional hips, essential for racing Downhill. This workout is typical of the type of conditioning workout we program but bare in mind, this would be done at the end of other elements of training for the day.

If you are going to attempt this workout the only real danger is the kettlebell swing. If you don’t lock your spine into a stable and braced position you could end up unsafe. If in doubt seek one on one help from a professional, or video it and send it to us to take a look at.

If you don’t have an assault bike you can use other equipment, our preferred second option for this one would be ski erg, then running, then turbo trainer. Avoid rowing as it would become 3 hinge type movements that could compromise your kettlebell swings further.

We hope you enjoy this weeks workout, if you have any questions please send them over. Our articles are free to share so please do.