An Insight into the Downhill Training Program.

Ever wondered what a full day of training looks like on the Fit4Racing Downhill Training Program? Well here is an insight into just that, and to make it more exciting it’s with Jack Reading – one of the downhill pro racers we train.

The first thing to note for people who want to understand more about the program – the volume of training in this one day is high, this is not always the case. Secondly, the movements can be scaled to your available equipment/facility. And finally, these guys are pro racers but the majority of riders we have on the program are bikers who simply want a training program specific to their needs. Ultimately everyone wants to ride better, pro and amateur alike.

The Training

Today the lads hit 2 strength elements and 3 workouts. It seems a lot, however, the 3 workouts were designed in a way that together they form a single interval style capacity workout.

Strength element 1: Snatch Grip Deadlifts. (5 sets of 3 with 3 second pause at the knee)

Snatch grip deadlifts are a great raw strength builder for riders. The hinge position and demands on the grip and upper back make this such a good movement to help sustain a strong riding position for full runs.

Strength element 2: Front Squats. (On the Minute Every Minute for 8 minutes, 5 resps)

Front squats are a great movement for absolute strength, add a time component, in this case EMOM, and you have a great capacity builder too. Be warned though, if you’re going to try this movement be sure to know what to do first. We can help with that, check out our article on Front Squats

Capacity workouts: 3 workouts, each one very intense with 5 minutes rest between.

Workout 1: As many rounds as possible in 5 minutes of: 40%* of your 2 minute max wallballs + 15 Kettlebell swings.

During the testing phase of our program we ask our athletes to establish some 2 minute maximums on movements. This then helps us prescribe numbers based on benchmarks rather than random amounts.

Workout 2: 21, 15, 9: Calories on the assault bike + Deadlfits (50% of your 3 rep max)

If you’ve ever done these numbers you know how terrible the are!

Workout 3: 12, 9, 6, 3: Calories on ski erg + Dumbbell Thrusters

Less numbers but super high intensity.

Before you start

The Fit4Racing program is designed to be performed after mobility screenings and testing so you know and understand your limits. This helps you stay safe and get the best from your training. If you are going to attempt any part of this workout please ensure you approach it with respect and don’t hurt yourself. In all honesty, it looks bad on us if you have taken our workouts with little understanding and blasted yourself into oblivion. If you sign up to the program and follow it properly you will understand how important safety is to us. If in doubt, you should keep the weight light and work on quality movements first and where you can seek professional advice.

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