Nutrition is the foundation of fitness… or at least it should be. Ever heard the saying “you can’t out train a bad diet”? We believe there is truth in it. But easy meal prep is a must if you want it to be…. erm, easy.

If you’ve taken the time to get this far then I’m sure you’re keen to do more to help yourself. Maybe you train hard to support riding, maybe all you do is ride but want to continue to improve with things you can control. Either way, getting into a good habit of eating well will definitely help you.

A massive issue we see is uncertainty over what to do. Like us, you might be sick of the endless noise on social media, noise that only serves to complicate things and confuse you. Hopefully we can help you with that and cut through some of the crap.

Solid Principals Around Nutrition:

Keep it simple and cut the crap. Here are our tips on how to fuel yourself for health and performance.:

  • Real food first. Forget supplements until you have 90% of your diet nailed. Supplements aren’t shortcuts and they don’t replace or make up for a poor diet, you should only add them to the very top of an already solid diet.
  • Eat fats, carbs and protein but don’t get hung up on “meeting your macros”. Instead, aim to increase the nutrient density of your food. Seek quality, unprocessed foods in balanced amounts.
  • Avoid sugar where possible. It’s a no brainer. We aren’t demonising sugar, don’t get all defensive. But insulin spikes should be reserved for post ride/training.
  • Never drink a calorie. There are some exceptions – parties and post workout.
  • Simplify your meals. Go for easy meal prep options to reduce the mental and time commitments. You’ll be more successful without reason to find it hard.

In the attached video we show you an easy take on a slow cooker – salmon, veg and rice, it doesn’t get much easier and nutritious. If you like this then please share and tag us @fit4racing .If you attempt it, let us know how you’ve adapted it for your tastes and send us a picture.

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It’s Your Time. Make it Count.