This is an Elite MTB challenge, so if you are untrained or inexperienced please proceed with caution.

We had Elliott Heap and Ant Hale (Nukeproof Bikes EWS Pro riders) in the gym for a session before leaving for their European rounds. We wanted to give them something different and challenge their ability in a different way – isometrics. The purpose was to increase their ability to hold positions for their upcoming races, but the result was surprising.

We took a traditional CrossFit workout (Cindy) and added a twist – for each movement we introduced a time holding it. Not only that but we added a dynamic movement in the middle of the holds. Not following? Check it out in simple terms:

For as long as possible:

5 second pull-up hold, 1 pull-up, 5 second pull-up hold

5 second transition/rest

5 second push-up hold, 1 clapping push-up, 5 second push-up hold

5 second transition/rest

10 second squat hold, 1 jumping squat, 10 second squat hold.

Why Isometric for this MTB Challenge?

Isometric holds are very under trained. They aren’t very “instagram” so we don’t see much of them in the media. But with the correct application, isometric holds can increase muscular endurance and strength massively. Most importantly, for riding, it helps with holding positions for long periods of time. This is especially good for longs days of demanding riding, much like an EWS event.

You don’t have to be an elite rider to benefit from this type of training though, this Elite MTB challenge calls for specific times but if you are a beginner or find this difficult, simply reduce the time or the type of movement.

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