This week we have a selection of riders in the gym which gives us an opportunity for a general strength and conditioning workout. That said, it would be great for enduro MTB training, Downhill or MX.

By design, this workout is explosive and works the upper body and lower in different ways. It is important to build strength AND speed in the lower and upper body to improve on-bike ability. Today the workout does just that.

The Workout Explained.

Although I gave Brad some shit for not understanding the workout, it isn’t necessarily easy to follow. Here is how to complete it:

In a 5 minute window get as far through as possible of:

2 dumbbell rows in a plank position (1 each side)

2 Box step-overs

4 Lateral burpee box jump overs….

That is one round…

Then on the next round everything remains the same apart from the rows, which increase by 2 reps. You will complete 4 on the second round, then 6 on the third round and so on until the 5 minutes is up.

Rest 2 minutes then repeat 2 more times.

So 5 minutes on 2 minutes off 3 times total.

I hope that between this text and the video it all makes sense. It is important to us to give you the detail you need to perform these workouts to the best of your ability. Our full programs all include video demos of the full workouts, we leave nothing to chance.

What Next?

We don’t believe in having a “bank” or “library” of movements to link to, this seriously limits the amount of understanding you get, and need, for each days training.

Instead, we film each and every day, week after week, and send it out every Sunday night to subscribers. Yes it is time consuming to do it this way but we’re in this to bring the best possible training to riders just like you. We don’t believe in shortcuts, copy and paste, 12 week programs, “individual” programs that are exactly the same as other peoples.

We believe in a program that takes time to create, that constantly changes and isn’t easy to deliver. We believe in taking the time to educate and coach you through the demands of your daily training because we know one movement can be executed numerous ways depending on what outcome you want. For those reasons we continually look for ways of improving our delivery, service and of course the program. We love this and it’s clear we have fun but we take your fitness very seriously and believe we have the best value bike sports programs on the planet.

Sign up today and see for yourself. If you aren’t fully satisfied we’ll give you a full refund. We are THAT confident in what we have done for so many pro and amateur riders, we know you’ll love it.

See you on the other side.