We’re excited to announce our new Fit4Riding.
Our new ‘light’ training program.

We always listen to feedback from our customers and followers and we’re proud to introduce our new training program – Fit4Riding.

Fit4Riding is a training program from us, designed for people who want to make the most from off bike training, but struggle with time or gym access. Focussed strength and conditioning training can lead to massive improvements and feel on the bike, so take out the guess work and let us handle it for you.

We’ve designed Fit4Riding to build on what we’ve learnt from our full Fit4Racing programs but it offers a lighter package for riders who may not have access to a fully equipped gym or can only work out from home.

The workouts can be done with minimum equipment or simply bodyweight only. Maximum flexibility for you to choose how to complete each weeks training. Our training principles remain the same and we stand by our methods for multi modal training to truly enhance any riders abilities on the bike.

So what’s different from our Fit4Racing programs?

  1. Fit4Riding has 2 simple options, one for mtb and one for moto.
  2. Less training days with less per day but still effective functional training to make the most of your time.
  3. Options around bodyweight only for riders with no equipment.
  4. Simpler initial testing and no access to our mobility screening and fixes content.

Who’s it for?

  • Riders who may not regularly have access to a fully equipped gym
  • Riders that can only or want to train from home with minimal equipment
  • Riders simply looking to maintain strength and conditioning through the summer season
  • Riders that travel lots

There really is no reason to start getting fitter off the bike to become stronger on the bike. We understand that not everyone wants to get faster, but with our training you’ll be able to enjoy longer rides with less fatigue out on the trail.

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As a bonus to our existing Fit4Racing subscribers, they’ll also have access to Fit4Riding weekly programs in addition to the full programs as options in the weekly routine.