Workout of the Week 15th March – Interval Training for MTB

You might’ve already heard of the workout stye “death by” but have you ever done it with 2 movements? This week we throw together a squat and a hinge for the ultimate interval training for MTB capacity and endurance building workout.

Why should you do this workout?

As a mountain biker, you have common needs to other riders regardless of your level – amateur to pro. But any specific needs you have are overshadowed by the need to be a good general athlete. Look at it this way – you may have an issue with arm pump, leg endurance, core stability or something else specific. Identifying these areas and focusing on them will only get you so far, you are treating the symptom and not the cause. “General” athleticism is the pursuit of a fitness that is not confined to specifics and should always make up the majority of your training.

By training the Fit4Racing way (and this workout today) your whole physical ability will improve, regardless of whatever specific need brought you here. For example, in this workout we hit the two biggest hip (which includes legs) movements – hinge and squat. So if you lack power or endurance in your legs, this will help dramatically. But not only that, the kettlebell will increase your grip strength and endurance, wallballs will improve your upper body, both movements are great for core and the style of the workout will improve your fitness.

So using this interval training for MTB workout, along side others we have published will set you up to be the best rider possible without the feeling of chasing your tail. If however, you want to see the next level of what we do, sign up to one of our programs and see the whole package and how amazing it can be for you. Not convinced? Try it for a month and if you aren’t making huge improvements we’ll give you your money back!

How to complete this workout:

Set a timer for 30+ minutes.

On minute 1 complete 1 Wallball and rest the remainder of that minute.

On minute 2 complete 2 kettlebell swings

On minute 3 complete 3 wallballs….

And so on until you either drop out through exhaustion or you can’t fit the number into that minute.

Good luck!

PS, click links below for the ultimate in MTB programming. It’s your time. Make it count.