Squatting is a fundamental strength movement – We give you the low down in this months MBR Magazine.

In our second feature with MBR Magazine, we look at squats as a strength building movement for bike riders. We believe they’re a fundamental building block to unlock more power whilst out on the bike and are an essential movement for all riders – pro’s or amateurs. Jonny and Adam Brayton show you the do’s and don’ts in our video and you can find the latest article by over here – MBR – Squats

If you’re interesting in seeing the first article, which focuses on pushing, including press ups and developments from there, you can find it here – MBR – Pressing

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Over the coming months we have more features in partnership with MBR covering movements to make you a better rider. Next months is pulling where we’ll look at pull ups, how to do them correctly and how they benefit your riding.