We put this workout together for our riders to combat Moto and MTB arm pump!

This week Jonny is flying solo as our video guys Dan and Johnny (yes there’s two) were both out on other things. Enjoy as Jonny self films vlog style this weeks Work Out of the Week, a grippy effort that’ll help reduce moto and mtb arm pump!

So what’s the workout? With 2 dumbbells;

5 sets:
2 Manmakers
6 Double Snatches
6 Rows
6 Cleans
6 Thrusters

Rest the remaining time in a 10 minute window. Repeat for 3 total rounds. Done. We’d recommend a weight of 10kg dumbbells for strong ladies, and 15kg for strong men. Remember to stay safe and not overload yourself, don’t go too heavy because of ego, make the most from this workout with purposeful movement. With that in mind we recommend doing 1 round as a warm-up with the weight you are planning on using before you start, then consider if that weight is appropriate.

This workout will become grippy and arm pump is one of the most debilitating things to get whilst out riding Moto and MTB, thankfully we’re here to help. There is no better time to join our growing community of riders on our training programs. We offer weekly videos with all of our training programs to explain what you have to do to ensure good technique and full explanation.

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See you on the other side.