17-11-19: Capacity and Strength Building

This is a free workout to increase your fitness for motocross, but also great for enduro riders. The demands of off-road bike sports are massive, that’s why this workout has so many elements. Test yourself and see how you stack up against the pros.

How to perform your motocross fitness workout:

This workout is a 30 minute AMRAP, meaning as many rounds as possible in that time:

  • 250m Row
  • 10 Push-ups over ball
  • 10 Wallballs
  • 10 Knee raises with ball
  • 10 Strict pull-ups

The goal of this workout is to do as many rounds as possible however, this should not be to the detriment of your form. To stay safe you should find a good balance between intensity and form, especially on more technical movements… although this workout is reasonably safe to hit full tilt.

Keith Farmer completed a total of 9 rounds, Brad Todd and Brad Anderson both get very close to 9 but fell slightly short. With this in mind, you can benchmark yourself against their score.

If you don’t have all the equipment or for another reason want to substitute a movement that’s ok, just choose something you feel is similar. For example, the rowing is in there to raise your output level, so a good substitute would be running for 1 minute. Again, if you don’t have the ability to do wallballs, you can squat with a ball or dumbbell. Some of the adjustments you make might reduce the efficacy of the workout so try to stick to it where you can.

Motocross fitness workout being written on a whiteboard.

The Workout of the Week is a regular feature on Fit4Racing, we create these workouts to help you train in the best way possible for your bike sport. If you want to see more there are links to other articles below and below that we have some very important links – the programs. Choose one of these depending on your discipline and take your fitness and riding to the next level.

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Peace! Jonny