You might’ve seen that Fit4Racing now has an app dedicated to giving mountain bikers the best accessible strength and conditioning possible.

The app is downloadable on the App Store and Android Google Play and has all that you love about Fit4Racing programs with the addition of a one-a-week and metric comparisons.

If you already have a subscription with Fit4Racing, the process of swapping to the app is as follows:

  • Download the app, fill out your email address and details as a new subscriber (your old password etc won’t work)
    • Purchase your subscription of choice and process the payment
    • Send an email to with your details and email address of your old subscription
    • Wait for a refund. We will work out the value of your old subscription and refund you as soon as possible, normally within 2 days.

    We know this is not ideal but while we transition users to the app it is the best way we can do it at the moment.

    The app will continue to be developed with new features therefore your membership on there will be more convenient for you and hold more value than the website membership. If however, you prefer the website you can continue accessing it there and follow as normal. We will continue to update website programs as normal and you’ll be able to access them for at lease 12 more months.

    I hope this page helps you understand how to transition over but if you have any further questions please ask us, we’re here to help.