Elliott Heap, Adam Brayton and Meg Whyte ready to take on a 3 part MTB conditioning workout

Conditioning is so important for MTB Riders, are you missing out?

You don’t need to be a pro to benefit from this MTB conditioning workout. In fact, this might be the missing piece you need. So if you’re a rider with the desire to go faster, further or simply have more fun pay attention. Strength and conditioning can be simple for most riders by performing simple compound lifts with the intention of getting stronger and incorporating high intensity interval training with functional movements. I know, I know, this might already be confusing. Read on and we’ll shed some light on why we train the pros the way we do and how that same method can help all riders.

Learn how to approach the workouts with confidence.

This workout was broken into 3 parts (not including warm-up and cool-down), the first was interval training, the second an all-out capacity builder and the third was core.

Workout 1:

5 rounds of 12 back squat, 400m run, rest 1:1

The purpose of this workout was to increase strength endurance and general mid-range capacity. Both of these elements are both crucial to riding trails faster and with more confidence.

Workout 2:

MTB Conditioning Workout 2
Adam is no stranger to conditioning on the Assault bike

10 rounds of 10 cal assault bike, 10 deadlifts. Meg hit 7 cals per round instead of 10 to account for her being smaller.

Although this workout may seem simple, it was absolutely brutal! But don’t be fooled into trying this with disregard for form by seeking intensity. Actually, keeping form on the deadlift is the absolute priority. Otherwise you run the risk of injury, or even worse, missing the opportunity to increase your performance.

Workout 3:

Meg hitting MTB Conditioning Workout
Meg Whyte – the queen of core

4 times through Tabata style (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off) Wipers, Flutter Kicks and Alternating V-ups.

But it’s not over yet! So to finish the days training, the team emptied their tanks with a core workout designed to increase stability and endurance.

Need Help? What You Should Do Next.

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