At home with MTB Downhill Pro Jack Reading… and his Dad.

The video really is what you should be watching, but while you’re here it’s a good opportunity to discuss a few extra things about the training we offer MTB Downhill riders, amateur and pro…

Obviously we have a vested interest in Jack as he follows a Fit4Racing Program and he is a massive advocate of our methods. As Jack’s dad said – Jack has always trained and enjoys it, but until he came to us he had been plugging away at non-specific training. That’s not to say it wouldn’t have been good for 99% of the population, but for Jack (and many others) riding MTB was the priority and he missed a massive opportunity.

You can work harder than anyone else, but if you’re not focussed in the right direction hard work simply isn’t enough. You could actually make quicker progress with less “work” by following a fit4racing program.

Why Fit4Racing?

Our programs are unique, great value and unrivalled in efficacy. Yes, there are others out there but it pains us to see people paying £200 a month for a copy and paste PDF. Highly priced does not mean highly effective.

We aren’t PT’s, Trainers or on-bike coaches that offer a program on the side to make a quick dollar. This is our ONLY thing and we take it very seriously. You wouldn’t hire a tennis coach who also coaches golf would you? Our dedication means we can take the time needed to produce and deliver the best training for off-road bike sports athletes available. And better yet, at a price that is impossible to match for the service we provide.

We are confident we can help you. If Fit4Racing doesn’t exceed your expectations we’ll give you a full refund.

If you are new to training don’t worry, we film each and every workout and movement so you know exactly how to stay safe and get the best form the program. You can access the workouts directly on the website as soon as you sign and tests are sent to your email. Each Sunday we update the website with the new weeks training, no two weeks are ever the same. There is a unique video filmed specifically for that week meaning you get vlog style coaching every time, we don’t add links to click to direct you to prerecorded clips, every week is fresh and relevant.

Why do we film every week separately and not just have a “library” of movements?

As a strength and conditioning program we know the demands are diverse in each and every movement depending on what the purpose is that day. For example, a back squat can be performed at various tempos, percentages, with pauses, onto boxes, with bands, with jumps and in conditioning workouts with other movements. It would be impossible to responsibly expect people to follow a short video to cover all angles, so we film each one for the week and educate you on how to perform each movement for the best results. It is time consuming for us to do this but we feel it’s the only way to give you all that you need.

If you’ve read to the end of this you must be interested in our program, the only way you can truly experience it is by signing up. Try it today with no risk and join the hundreds of MTB downhill and Enduro amateur and pro riders we’ve helped already. Click a discipline at the top of this page to start your journey.