WOW is back and we’re kicking off with an MTB Interval training partner workout.

You might be used to seeing Jonny and Adam going head-to-head, but this time you’ll see them competing together. They have set the standard but can you beat them? Be warned though, if you haven’t done MTB interval training before, it’s gonna hurt!

If you’re going to attempt this workout, it’s best if you can find a partner but it’s not essential. You can still perform it as described and simply multiply your score/calories by 2 and see how you stack up.

MTB Interval training
Adam and Jonny tap into their competitive nature to increase intensity

Why a partner workout?

MTB Interval training is grim, there’s no doubt about it. So if you are like most of us and struggle to put yourself into a that uncomfortable zone, having someone right next to you helps. You can view it as friendly competition. Try and match each others pace, or even keep ahead. To really increase your desire to compete, we have posted our total calories in the video, try and beat it.

Why intervals?

You might not know this but interval training can increase your cardio fitness much more effectively than steady state cardio. It can also have positive effects on your strength training. Aside from that, it is a great way for you to train your shorter energy system which helps for sprints and tough hill climbs. This is a much neglected, but massively important area for riders, and might be the key to increase your riding ability quickly.

MTB Interval training
Jonny puts some hard pulls in to keep up with Adam

How to Complete This MTB Interval Training Workout

Find a Concept2 Ski Erg and set the timer for 15 minutes. One partner goes hard for 30 seconds, swaps and rests while the other partner pushes for 30 seconds. Repeat 30 on 30 off for the whole 15 minutes trying to keep transitions quick and your pace consistent throughout all efforts. Simple.

“But I ride, I don’t ski” I hear you say. We understand, but this is cross-training and designed to add stress which is impactful and testing beyond what you are used to. We don’t condone using a ski erg for all of your training but it is particularly good to mix it up and especially good with a partner.

Yes, you can do this on your bike. MTB Interval Training is traditionally done on a bike, so if you are a puris and simply love to be out riding then go for it, use the same principals of 30 on 30 off on a hill sprit. You can coast back down between each round. If you are someone who gets the opportunity to ride regularly I’m sure there are plenty of jealous riders who envy you… they are the ones who’ll be in the gym contributing to their weekend rides with this workout.

MTB Interval training
Adam has been racing World Cup DH for years, interval training keeps him top of his game

What to do Next.

If you do want to take your fitness to the next level sign up to one of our programs today. In as little as 2 hours per week you can see dramatic increases in your bike ability. Although we train some of the best riders in the world, the majority of our subscribers are just like you. Sign up today and we’ll look after you from here.