This week we have an MTB Kettlebell Workout guaranteed to hurt.

Adam Brayton and Jamie Law went head to head on this mtb kettlebell workout. By doing this it increases the intensity, after all they are both very competative atheltes, we may as well make use of that desire to win. That said, we always encourage safe movement before adding speed.

There is a demo of the kettlebell complex at the end of the video, there we show you how to perform the complex, but in addition to that here are some tips to get the best from this MTB Kettlebell Workout..

1: Light Kettlebell First

If the kettlebells are too heavy you simply won’t get the benefit of this workout, you need to be on the edge of too heavy but not over it. So start with two kettlebells that are way lighter than you imagine you’ll do the workout with. This way you can try the movements safely without the danger that comes with fatigue. Because of the number of reps it is quite easy to fall out of a good position and increase the risk.

2: Pace the row

If you go out of the gate too fast on the row you will peak too early. This is a 20 minute+ workout, make sure you pace the row well. We advise going no quicker than your average 2000m pace for each of the 500m efforts. If you don’t know what your pace is then test it.

3: Warm up Well before the Workout

You should spend at lease 15 minutes warming up for this workout. In this warm-up you should include 5 minuets of work to get your heart rate up, some mobility and some rounds of the kettelbell complex at lighter weights. It is scientifically proven that stretching reduces strength and endurance in muscles, but we strongly advise stretching and mobilising to ensure you reach safe positions. Remember – safety first.

Once you’re ready for the workout, this is what to do:

5 rounds of:

500m row

3 rounds of: 2 man makers, 2 double swings, 2 front squats, 2 thrusters, 2 push press (full demo in vid)

Finish with a 500m row.

To explain this a little more as it might be confusing – You complete a 500m row and 3 rounds of the kettlebell complex, that is 1 round. You complete 5 rounds total and end with a 500m row. Hopefully this has explained it enough for you to be able to perform the workout.

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Good luck!