This week we are challenging MTB riders – 100 Thrusters… with a catch.

This week we have a downhill and Enduro MTB workout to test the very best of your fitness and grit but can you beat Jonny and Pat?

The workout is simple but as you might know, that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Here’s how to do it:

100 Thrusters as quickly as possible. The only catch is you have to start with 1 burpee and every minute thereafter complete ascending numbers of burpees. For example, if you start with 1 burpee and complete 25 thrusters, on the start of the next minute you have to perform 2 burpees and start the thrusters at 26. On the minute after that it’s 3 burpees and then 4 on the next. Continue in this way until you either complete all 100 thrusters or can’t continue.

Do you need a gym for this MTB workout?

If you find it hard to do an MTB workout like this one in your gym there are options to make it easier, or to do at home. We know the types of weights we use here (bumper plates) are sometimes difficult to come by, so one of those options is to use dumbbells, these aren’t necessarily an easier option though. One the contrary, dumbbells may be even harder because of the added instability which means great benefit for MTB riders. Failing that you can use kettlebells or a single kettlebell. For both of these options stick to regular burpees rather than jumping over a target.

Please note, before attempting any of our workouts you should familiarise yourself with the movements, what your own limits are and how to stay safe. Also, you should spend time warming up well, especially when the pace is high and the movements are testing. As a rule of thumb, the longer the workout is, the shorter the warm-up. In this case the workout is short and so the warm-up should be long, in the region of 15-20 minutes.

What to do next?

If you have tried and loved (or more likely hated) this workout you can try more. Our Zone page (link below) is our home of all free content from workouts to technique, nutrition, fun challenges and much more. Scroll through and help yourself to the free stuff, there are some links below to related articles. If you want to take your fitness for riding to the next level sign up to one of our programs, they are followed by some of the best riders in the world however, we ensure there are options in there so even amateur riders/gym goers can get the very best training available. No contracts, no excuse, sign up today.