CrossFit Style Workout for Motocross Riders.

Watch the full Motocross Workout video here.

This is a workout designed to increase your capacity through functional movements across the entire body. Much better than doing cardio alone this motocross workout is “multi-modal”, meaning it is made up of multiple elements. All of these movements have a purpose and have been selected for improving your motocross fitness. 

If you are new to this type of training make sure you are familiar with the movements we suggest. You can find more tutorial videos on our website by navigating through, or alternatively you can sign up to our Motocross Program and we’ll look after your ever need.

If you do not have access to all of the equipment we suggest don’t worry, you can mix and match. We are not saying it would be equally as effective but rest assured that this type of training WILL be more effective than cardio and/or strength training alone.

What to do:

6 rounds

400m run

10 Kipping Pull Ups

20 Push Ups

30 Air Squats

20 Cals on either Row, Bike, Ski Erg machine.

How to approach this Motocross Workout:

As with almost all workouts you should complete a good warm-up first consisting of lighter weight or scaled down versions of the movements featured in the main workout. We suggest 5 minutes steady cardio, then run through the workout for 1 round halving the reps, during this time pay attention to areas you need to warm up more.

Pace your first timed round and try to keep each round consistent, this way you won’t peak too soon. If you are familiar with this type of training you may already know how to pace well, if not, this is a good opportunity to test yourself and learn what your body can do.

If you have any questions please contact us through the contact form, we are here to help you become a better rider.