We race 9 miles up Shap fell

What happens when you race an Emtb vs a road bike on a climb in Cumbria.

One a rainy day in Cumbria (most days) we decided it’d be fun to race bikes up Shap fell out of Kendal. For this completely unscientific emtb vs road bike test, we had 3 riders;

Jaime – Who’s ridden around the world solo
Pat – Accomplished mountain bike racer
Jonny – Who started Fit4Racing and has ridden bikes his whole life.

To spice things up a bit, we had access to an EMTB for the day, so we put Pat on that, Jaime and Jonny were both on traditional road bikes.

The climb starts quite flat, steepens, then has some undulation with flats and also some fast downs before a steep incline at the end. With the E bike limited to 15mph maximum assist, Jonny and Jaime would have to go out the gate quick to get a head start before the elevation and Pat’s power assisted advantage kicked in.

What happens at the end? Watch and see!

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