Remove Hearing and Vision, What Happens? The Sensory Deprivation Experiment.

We took 3 top riders, Adam Brayton, Meg Whyte and our very own Pat Campbell-Jenner, took away their vision and hearing and told them to pedal as hard as they could for an hour. With sensory deprivation, how well can they do?

Adam had just broken his collarbone but has one of the strongest heads in the game, so he was happy to battle on with one arm. As you can see in the video, Meg wasn’t happy to have her visual pacing cues taken away. Pat, well, he just did it for fun!

The Test: Take away sight and hearing, how many calories can you burn?

The Rules: Wear blackout goggles and noise cancelling earmuffs with no music, hold a pace and ride as hard as you can for an hour or until you stop, you can’t see the screen or know how long you have done. A real mental test!

Can you push your own mental limits and survive?

What did we learn from this test in our gym? This wasn’t a scientific test of anything other than absolute will power. We learnt that none of these guys wanted to give up or get beaten by the clock. Having a strong mental game for competitive bike riding is just as important as physical preparedness. Try something new, see what happens and if you surprise yourself and learn new limits.

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