Pro Downhiller Jack Reading takes on the ultimate in circuit training. 12 movements, 1 hour and 300 bonus burpees.

We fully believe in training in multimodal exercises which is similar to circuit training and when Jack Reading said to us ‘Hey guys, I wanna workout for one hour straight and I want it to be horrible!’. We thought nothing better for that than an absolute beast of a circuit. Just remember Jack, you asked for it!

We devised the ultimate circuit for him to take on through the course of what we’ve affectionately named – Death Hour. He spent 5 minutes on each movement before moving to the next but here’s the catch, every minute started with 5 burpees to break the cycle and routine. This workout is a complete disruptor and shock to the system. Ever changing the dynamic and physical needs.

Set out in a clock face – purely just because it looks cool – the movements were;

Barbell Thrusters – 30kg
Kettlebell Swing – 16kg
Assault Bike
Dirty Cleans – 30kg
Box Jumps – 24”
Man Makers – 2x 10kg dumbbell
Deadlift – 60kg
Sit Ups
Push Press – 30kg
Ski Erg
D-ball over shoulder – 40kg

Nothing too heavy, but as it’s over an hour, it’ll all add up.

Each minute starts with 5 burpees, then in the remaining time Jack had to do max reps – or calories – on the piece of equipment he’s on. He got 5x 1 minute intervals on each before moving on.

Disclaimer – This is an absolute beast of a workout and it might be a challenge for you to set up all the equipment and do every movement. Our suggestion is picking a few different movements from the list and working for up to an hour, but stick rigid to the 5 burpees per minute, that way you’ll get an awesome burn on and maximum benefit.

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