3 Minute Test – can you rise to the Wattbike Challenge?

This week we have a special Workout for you… a test… a Wattbike challenge. We visit Jack Reading in his home gym and see how he handles this short time domain challenge.

Yes, this is a test. But should testing be part of your training? The obvious answer is yes – of course you should test – otherwise how do you know you are improving? But when to test is as important as the testing it’s self. But before we look at when to test, let’s look at using tests as tools to our training.

What do I mean as using testing as a tool? Simple, throw in a test and expect a higher commitment to the outcome. In this case, the 3 minute test is used as a capacity builder and as part of the metabolic conditioning structured into the week. The goal here was not only to increase capacity but to strengthen Jack’s mind… Not that it needs much more strengthening! If we were only training and not just testing, we would expect multiple intervals with rest between. Something like 3 minutes on, 3 minutes off repeated 3-5 times. The goal being consistency throughout all intervals.

So what is this Wattbike challenge?

Find a Wattbike, choose the 3 minute test option and go for it. The goal it to get the maximum average watts over that time.

To see how you stack up against Jack you’ll have to watch the video.

What if I don’t have a Wattbike?

We are massive fans of Wattbikes, but our programs don’t depend on them. The principal of recordable and repeatable metrics is a simple one – choose something you can easily record and repeat to see any change. So with that in mind, if you were to do a 3 minute test on a rowing machine, turbo trainer or even running, you can record the outcome and repeat again when it’s appropriate… or even when it’s not and you just want a kick up to ass!