How does Fit4Racing work?

How do I choose the right program?

Start by asking yourself which discipline is your priority. If you race more than one, say you ride DH and Enduro, then sway towards the longer duration program – so in this case Enduro. This is to make sure you don’t miss out on the extended capacity needed for longer rides/races.

What do I get for signing up? 

You’ll get access to the sports-specific program you chose. The program is completely new every Sunday and consists of four workouts and supplementary work depending on where we are in the program and your individual needs.

When you sign up you’ll get a series of tests to complete so you can get the most out of the program.

You’ll also get a mobility screening program, some nutrition advice and access to all of our content held in the ‘vault’ which includes benchmark workouts, challenges, advice on warm-ups, mobility, nutrition, travel workouts and much more.

As a subscriber, you can also contact us with any questions and we’ll guide you to become the best rider you can be.

What equipment do I need to follow the program? 

Essentials for Fit4Racing:

Pull-up bar
Bench/plyo box
1 piece of cardio equipment or place to run
A kettlebell or dumbbell (a selection would be good)
Resistance bands (various)
Rings or TRX

*We do include options around some equipment so if in doubt, you can sign up to the program and try it, if you can’t perform everything as you would like simply email us and we’ll refund you.

Essentials for Fit4Riding

Our Fit4Riding program is designed for people without equipment however, if you have some resistance bands and a kettlebell or dumbbell this could help.

What if I find a movement too hard? 

There are options for every workout or movement so if you feel you can’t manage a part of the workout as suggested, you can just scale down the difficulty. That’s how we make sure everyone can benefit from the program, regardless of your starting ability.

Can I follow the program from home?

Check the essential list of equipment, and if you have all (or most of them and can adapt) then yes. 

We believe it’s impossible to get the increases in performance you’re looking for from a program without weights, and the movements we use need those. 

If you can only train at home then think about how important it is to you to spend your time making the most progress – then find a gym or buy the equipment you need to succeed. There are some programs out there that cater for people with no equipment; if that’s what you choose, we hope it works for you.

How should you train through the week?

We often get asked how to train around riding during the week. We made the video above to help explain how should train around your lifestyle and the amount you ride. We also wrote a piece to go with it – planning your week.

How do I cancel my membership?

There’s an easy option in the My Account section. You can cancel any time before your next payment is taken and it’s entirely in your control. We don’t want to make it difficult for you, so you can sign up happy in the knowledge you can cancel at any time.

Do you have a minimum term?

No. You can sign up and cancel the very next day if you like. Our program is designed to get the maximum performance out of you quickly, so we suggest you follow us for 3 months to see the real benefits – although you should start to see them within a couple of weeks. If Fit4Racing isn’t for you for whatever reason you can cancel any time with no penalties or difficulties. Just log into your account and cancel. It’s as simple as that.

Do you offer one-to-one training? 

Only in specialist cases. If you’d like us to consider you for training in person then please use the contact form to get in touch. We do offer workshops and training camps so watch out for those.

Who is Fit4Racing?

We’re a team of dedicated trainers and sports specialists exclusively working on improving bike sports fitness. Jonny Thompson is the CEO/Head Coach but we also have a number of degree-educated sports science and strength and conditioning coaches who work alongside Jonny. From time to time we call on specialists for focussed input such as nutrition and mobility/recovery too.

Where is Fit4Racing based?

Our HQ gym is in Penrith, near the UK’s Lake District. However, we send 65% of our programs outside the UK to over 40 countries. We are a global brand and our location is only a base for our studio/gym and offices.

I’m pretty good, can I get the program for free? 

We work with some of the best riders in the world but also some of the most promising developing riders. If you feel you fit one of these categories then use the contact form to get in touch.

Do you sponsor riders?

Yes we sponsor riders. Each one we sponsor has a dedicated page on our website – why not take a look and see who we’re proud to have on our team.

I signed up on the old website and my log in details no longer work.

The new website runs off a new server and back end system so unfortunately we’ve been running into difficulties for members that signed up on the old site as they don’t talk to each other, technology huh!

Please use the contact form to contact us and we’ll get this sorted for you as soon as possible!