We answered your training questions live on Pinkbike.

We recently teamed up with our industry friends Todd from PerformX and Dee from Enduro MTB Training recently to answer your questions on training from our different perspectives within the training arena.

You can find the article over on Pinkbike

You might find it a little strange we made the decision to collaborate with Todd and Dee so let me explain how and why that happened. It’s simple really, we feel that between us we share some common principals and each of us have “specialisms” or styles that are different but also complimentarily to each other. We share a mutual respect for one another and our common goal was to help people in ways we feel we could – sharing knowledge.

Todd reached out to us with no real plan other than exploring ways in which we could help people. Together we discussed ways we could add value to our current members and also the public, which is particularly important with the current Covid-19 crisis. One of the things we did was host a group Zoom conference with riders from all over the world, each currently under the wing of Todd, Dee or Us – Fit4Racing. 

Because of the success of the Zoom call with our higher end riders, between us we decided we could offer something of value to the wider community of riders. It was a no brainer that Pinkbike was the first thought for the 3 of us. And this is where we ended up – answering your questions publicly. Together we answered a load of questions from riders in the comments section, take yourself over to the article and have a read!

It was a pleasure working with Todd and Dee, and I’m sure this is just the beginning of the things we can offer you moving forwards.