A bit of fun, a bit of knowledge but all to help you become a better mountain biker and Moto Rider.

Here is a montage of short clips we have put together. We hope they will help you become a better mountain biker or moto rider. Although we try to add some fun to them we are serious when it comes to fitness.

Our principals on fitness for riding are simple – don’t neglect any part of your natural human function. This includes strength, endurance, mobility, nutrition and more. Our program is dedicated to helping riders of all MTB and Off-road Moto improve fitness for their sport, from the best in the world (Jonny Walker) to complete beginners. And not only that, we are giving a ton of advice for free!

Have a look through our other articles and videos to help you on your way to becoming a fitter and more capable rider. We continue to add content and strive to give you what you need so contact us with any requests. If you have a specific need there’s a chance it is a common one between riders, so we’d be happy to help. If it’s a more personal question we’re still happy to answer, maybe we won’t make a full video just for you though.

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And a final important note on safety. Although this video doesn’t show dangerous activities it is our duty to keep you safe. Some of the other workouts and movements we show may have a higher degree of risk. That said, this risk is minimised by being intelligent about how you train. So take our advice and stick to your limits if you are new or returning to gym work. The worst thing you can do is injure yourself and spend time off the bike because your ego was too big or you tried something too heavy and/or too fast. It sounds a bit wet but stay safe.