If you’re looking for Mountain biking nutrition tips you might come across the plant based movement. It is a very popular subject at the moment and one to be taken seriously.

Some of our professional riders are now exclusively plant based, which begs the question – why?

Traditionally we see meal plans for performance athletes with a high amount of protein (higher than your average Joe). And because of that it’s normal to see animal based products in most of the meals. So to go against this, and in turn much of the science we see around nutrition, is quite a big deal.

I’ll give you a simple reason – Game Changers.

The Netflix “documentary” has ruffled some serious feathers with their spin on plant based diets for performance (and saving the planet). They have done a really good job of being entirely committed to recommending plant based, even to the point of convincing professional athletes to change their ways. Some of the science used in Game Changers might have taken a smashing by counter arguments, but packaged the way they have has certainly been convincing to some.

Do we recommend plant based? You’ll have to watch the video to see our take on it and hopefully you’ll understand why things might not be so black or white.

All I’ll say at this stage is that plant based has it’s pros and cons. As with anything, especially mountain bike nutrition, you should choose what works fo you. Cliche as it sounds, the more I see extremes of opinion the more I see closed mindedness and failure to explore. Ultimately, if we acted on science alone and were satisfied to ignore other possibilities, we would all still be scared to travel over 60 miles per hour for fear of exploding.

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