In this 3 part series we take a look at fitness fundamentals for mtb riders and how understanding the basics of training your lower body will let you progress you as a rider and move safely whilst training well. Each video has the best tips for each level of rider with some options on reps and sets to get you started on your training journey.

Part 1 – Beginner

In part 1 we look at some simple and effective movements to really enhance your riding strength whilst using very little equipment, or in most cases, just body weight. Master the basics of these and you’ll be on the way to getting fitter, stronger, and faster.

Part 2 – Intermediate

let’s take things up a notch and increase the load on the movements from part 1. Increased load has obvious benefits, strength and power building… which will only compliment your riding long term.

Part 3 – Advanced

Part 3, top of the tree! We show you what to and what not to do (as in the thumbnail with a bad deadlift) to make the absolute most out of your training through training your lower body.

As with all training, we always stress the safety of the movements, good movement is always better than poor movement with a lot of the weight, so always remember to keep it safe, leave the ego at the door, and have a friend spot you if you can!

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