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Can you give me a few functional home exercises preparing for enduro? 0:00:59

My body pumps a lot during racing, what should I do? 0:02:13

How can dan wolfe lift 529kgs? 0:02:24

Why’s Elliott got a dad bod? 0:02:31 how high can you box jump? 0:02:48

Do you also do ‘building phases’ like set training or 100% circuit training style? 0:03:05

Should you lifting heavy all throughout your season? 0:05:27

I’m shit at training, have low upper body strength, what’s a couple of places to start? 0:07:14

Interval training or number of repetition? 0:09:42

Whats the best home training for enduro including some stuff on bike? 0:09:55

Best single movement that ticks the most boxes for off road riding? 0:11:16

Is there a specific method to balancing the volume of metcons/powerlifting to actual time on the bike? 0:12:30

What exercises do you recommend for shoudlers and overall stability? 0:15:26

I’m 13 don’t have a lot of belly fat, how long will it take to get abs 0:17:23

What training should you do for going on long rides? 0:19:34

Best equipment for doing home workouts? 0:20:41

Top supplementals for bikes and athletes as a whole? 0:22:01

How to manage training while we don’t know when the season starts? 0:23:04