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Mountain bike Enduro is riding as it should be, all-out mountain biking on a bike you can use everywhere. But it’s no use shelling out on the best bike if your fitness is holding you back. Enduro is nothing less than a full-body assault that demands strength in both upper and lower body, exceptional bike control over every type of terrain and – naturally – endurance, with eight-hour races. So this program will allow you to ride for longer, be stronger and less fatigued at the end of a ride, giving you more control, focus and power. and make you a better rider.

What the pros say

I’m 37 and a father of two young kids – getting out on a ride would always be my preferred option but that’s not a reality for most working parents. The program is excellent, it replicates the stresses faced by riding/racing and simply gives a rider exercises to make you better able to cope

Chris Froomey

I joined to improve my fitness and strength for Enduro racing. If the F4R approach is not in your MTB training plan you are seriously missing out!

Jez Westgarth , UK

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By subscribing you get the best training delivered to your inbox weekly along with all the information you need to smash it in the gym. We’re also working on an even better delivery method that we’re rolling out soon. It’s going to raise the bar and make it even easier for you to access your training wherever you are.

The Program

Enduro MTB

Whether you’re an elite rider or ambitious amateur, time means everything. So our programs are designed to use it wisely, fitting around your abilities and lifestyle to give you maximum time on your bike and minimum time in the gym. It builds on all areas of your body, with workouts that will test you and build on your baseline fitness to guarantee you’ll feel stronger and more capable on your bike. It’s your time. Make it count.

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We’re all about using time efficiently. With our bike sports-specific fitness programs you can make the most of your time off the bike to get your best time on the bike. Amateur or Pro - choose your discipline below and start your program today.

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Still not sure or training is for you? You’ll find various workouts and testing you can try out for free – we don’t specify a minimum period on the programme, and you can cancel any time, hassle-free. We’re with you all the way too, so if you have any questions just get in touch and we’ll be here to help.

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