Throwback to our benchmark MTB workout for the Leogang Downhill World Cup this summer.

Here’s a throwback from this summer’s Leogang World Cup Benchmark workout for downhill MTB. We devised this workout after watching back some head cam footage from riders to come up with a work out that’s a fair representation of the track through multi modal exercises – our favourite style of training. Restricting yourself to a single, isolated movement like #legday is no way near as beneficial as putting together strength and cardio in one effort.

This benchmark is a great one to try for yourself. Time yourself for one whole round of:

250m Row
– Ideally using a Concept 2 rowing machine.
3 Burpee Pull Ups – chest and thighs to the ground. Stand up, jump to a bar and complete a pull up
20 Mountain Climbers – Plank position, raising you knees to your arm pit to activate your core and oblique muscles.

Then complete;

5x Deadlift
– ideally with a barbell and neutral back position.
5x Bent Over Row – again, with a barbell. bending over to activate the shoulder blades, not your traps.
5x Front Squat – take a look at our front squat video for options that will work for your level of mobility.

For this video use 30kg for female and 40kg for males. Lighten this weight if your deadlift isn’t that strong, we don’t want you overdoing it.

Then complete;


That completes one round. It will be tough, and it will test you. But it’s a great all round burner for overall fitness. One round of this is our Leogang MTB benchmark workout. Try it for 3 rounds with a 5 minute rest in between as part of your training routine, come back to it later to retest and see how you’ve improved!

Adam did 3 rounds with the times:
Round 1 – 3:43
Round 2 – 3:40
Round 2 – 3:19