Mobility for MTB will keep you riding better for longer. Set your phone or laptop up and follow along.

Mobility for MTB. Why do it?

Why should you do Mobility for MTB? Ask any older generation mountain biker what they would do more of and they are likely to say look after themselves. Not only is it important for longevity of riding but also for performance. If you race or take your riding seriously, mobility for MTB should be in your routine.

The older we get the tighter we get. Mountain biking is quite a specialist sport, and with that comes a riding position our bodies can’t sustain for decades without cumulative tension. What I mean by this is, for instance, you hip flexors will forever get tighter as you ride and age. The more you ride and the older you get the more tightness you’ll have. Reversing the effects of the riding position is one way to ride for longer… pain free!

For the serious riders out there, mobility for MTB is essential. The tighter you are the less crash resilience you have. Any range of motion increase in you joints means an increase in funky positions you can end up with before you snap your shit up. Also, your ability to get out of sketchy situations is dramatically increased when you have the mobility and agility to avoid them.

So how do I get more Mobility?

Honesty, this video isn’t even scratching the surface of what’s out there for mobility. And please trust me when I say I want to help you. So take this next piece of advice as the ONE take-away from getting to this point. The best mobility for MTB is the one you do, choose anything and commit to it. In this follow-along video we are simply trying to get you started and making it easy to find a routine with your MTB mobility.

Please use this article/video to inspire you and get you started.

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