Danny Hart is known for his amazing riding talent, not for the work that goes into his riding ability. We run you through a typical Fit4Racing session with him.

This session is part of his early offseason training, hence the amount of strength work and intense interval training. As the season gets closer the training will shuffle to a more capacity and dynamic based session. For now though, it was heavy deadlifts followed by a sweet assistance piece and an interval burner to finish.

Danny Hart was joined today with Adam Brayton, Elliott Heap and Ant Hale. Adam is also a pro DH racer and Elliott and Ant are both Enduro. We leveraged their competitive nature and put the DH guys agains the Enduro in a head-to-head ski erg finisher. You must watch the video for the results.

The full workout looked like this:

Deadlifts – Work to a 3 rep max (this was for Danny), the others hit as many deadlifts as possible in 1 set at their current 3 rep max.

Assistance work – 3 rounds of 10 box set-ups each leg. Between each round, a “rest pause” set of upper body work. On round 1 the rest pause was pull-ups, on round 2 it was push-ups and on round 3 it was single arm rows.

Interval finisher – 30 on 30 off ski erg X 10.

We hope you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed creating it. If you do choose to try this workout please be careful to warm up sufficiently and be mindful of the weights and movements to stay safe.

If you want to follow a fitness program like Danny, scroll our website and sign up to one of our MTB specific fitness plans. We train some of the best in the world but all of our programs are designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of your level of riding or gym.