Here in the UK gyms have reopened as lockdown lifts and we’ve got the pro’s back into the gym to workout and get after it. Gyms were forced to shut for a period for another lockdown and now they’re back open we can really turn up the training!

We went through a few movements with Danny Hart, Adam Brayton and Elliott Heap to really hit the ground running! Below is a typical day of our programming, let’s get into it!

The Split leg deadlift

Keep the weight to a maximum of 45-50kg for this one, starting light and really feeling it out.

3 sets of 12-15 reps per leg.

This will be a pretty new movement to a lot of people so here’s an explanation on the split leg deadlift. In a split leg position, your back foot toes are inline with the heel of your front foot. Rest the toes of your front foot on a small plate and keep a soft bend at the knee, aiming to keep your shin as vertical as possible. This increases the tension in your front calf, hamstring and glute and we’ve done this to replicate riding positions with dropped heels as your descend. From here, hinge at the hip and using your chosen weight – be it a barbell, dumbbells or kettlebells – lower the weight to the floor keeping your shoulders pinned back and your back in a safe and neutral position. The aim is 90 degrees at the hip, but if your mobility limits this don’t worry. Stand tall, paying attention to using your front leg to power you up. The idea on this one is to keep some stability whilst increasing single leg loading, you’ll always have a dominant leg so addressing and balancing that is a good thing.

Upper Body Pump On

After this we did a real upper body pump session with;

100x Ring Rows
100x Ring Push Ups,

The rule is you can split them however you want to, just get 100 reps of each done.


It wouldn’t be Fit4Racing without a big lung busting workout. This time we had put the boys on our new assault bikes, and added thrusters in to spice things up;

5 rounds;
10 Cals – Assault bike
10x Thrusters – Light to moderate weight
using a barbell or 2 dumbbells.

The aim on this is minimal rest and keep moving no matter what. It’s going to be a leg killer and ask a big demand on your lungs. If you don’t have an assault bike at home you could sub for 40-50 seconds hard cardio on anything you have.


3 minute Plank

This is a really good finisher as you’ve asked a lot of your core during the thrusters, so this will be a real test of not letting your core sag down.

If you like the look of the above and enjoyed doing it, sign up to one of our Fit4Racing programs and start getting fitter, faster and stronger today as lockdown lifts in your country or area!