Like CrossFit? This is a beast of a barbell workout for you.

Although CrossFit has it’s downsides and many riders love to hate on it, we love loads of the principals CrossFit is about. We have minimised many of the dangerous factors in this MTB CrossFit style workout so you can experience how great it can be for your riding.

We have a variation of an olympic lift called the “dirty clean”. This is much different from what you would see coached in CrossFit or by an Olympic lifting coach. Why? We aren’t looking for efficient movement and an ability to lift more weight, we are looking for a risk free movement that will give you strength and endurance for riding specifically. Watch the movement demo of the ‘dirty clean” at the end of the vid to learn more.

MTB CrossFit Workout Explained:

This workout is a high pace barbell complex. Try not to break the movements and push consistently throughout the whole workout. Choose a weight that is manageable and safe, the pros here have used 30kg, for girls that would be 20kg.

Complete 6 rounds as quickly as possible:

  • 6 Deadlifts
  • 6 Dirty Cleans
  • 6 Push Press
  • 6 Lunges Each Side
  • 6 Over Bar Burpees

If you’re interested to see how you stack up against the pro riders watch the video, we have times in there. Be warned though, before attempting this workout please warm up well, practice the movements and ensure you use a weight suitable to your ability.

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