Watch Jonny and Pat hit the first Workout of the Week of 2021/22 off season. Your MTB Off Season training starts here with this free content. Subscribe to our YouTube cannel or keep checking back to our Zone articles, we will be posting workouts every Sunday for the duration of this off-season. We have content coming from Danny Hart, Elliott Heap, Adam Brayton, Bex Baraona and more. Stay tuned!

Workout of the week – 2021/22 offseason training starts here

Why Train in the Off Season if you ride MTB?

Off season training is important for every rider. Off season for MTB riders simply means a time you are not going full tilt and riding as much as possible. The reason for backing off is normally due to weather conditions being too poor to get out as much, or of course the race season is over. Whatever your reason, it’ll pay dividends to start your training early to build foundations of strength and endurance that can be honed before the start of the next “season”.

Why are we doing this?

Last year we put out a few workouts of the week videos and the feedback was great! We really felt like riders got on board with them and it has helped their riding this summer. Because we love to put out free content that actually helps riders, it was always a consideration to restart the series.

So, a survey was posted on social media a couple of weeks ago and got a resounding 100% “yes” in favour of starting again. Therefore, we are committing to putting one video out per week.

That means, every Sunday at 7pm, for the duration of this off-season you’ll be getting a new workout. This week we bring you MTB off season training at it’s best with strength work, net week though, will be a metabolic conditioning workout.

Each week you’ll be getting a workout straight from one of our programs. And this week is Part A from the Enduro MTB program.

The workout (or training):

This week we have gone in hard and given you the strength element of the MTB Enduro program. By training this way you’ll gain strength in a very time efficient way without compromising performance. And this is what it looks like:

On the Minute Every Minute for 15 minutes:

  • 1: 3-5 Back squats
  • 2: Max Effort Pullups
  • 3: 12-15 Double Dumbbell Deadlifts
  • 4: Mixed position Push-ups
  • 5: Rest

When you have completed the prescribed movements on the minute, rest the remaining time. When the next minute starts, start the next movements. This is a 3 round workout designed to get you strong in less time, exactly what you need this side of the off-season.

Safety for your MTB Off Season training.

Always listen to your body, you’ll know if it’s good pain you’re feeling or bad pain. And if you have any doubt at all over the movements we give you then please seek in-person coaching. If you’re still not sure, take our scaling options on board and go light. Moving well is priority, then add load and intensity, not the other way around.

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