Squats are great for MTB and Moto riders, with this workout you can build strength and capacity.

The is your workout for the week 1st Dec 2019 and it’s a killer interval blaster – a squat workout for mtb and moto riders.

Before you start you must establish an appropriate weight for the back-squats. This is so you can give the workout 100% commitment but stay safe at the same time.

If you don’t have a 400m running area, you can use a rowing machine for 500m or a turbo trainer for 2 minutes at a high cadence. With this in mind, only choose another option if you can’t run.

The workout:

This is an interval style workout so there is plenty of rest, in fact there is 3 minutes every round of rest. That is more than the time it will take you to do each round. Why? Intervals are great for many reasons – endurance being one of them. But in addition to that it allows you to reset and be sure to complete the squats safely.

With that in mind, complete 8-12 reps of squats (depending on how you are feeling after each round and what will be a safe number). Once those squats have been completed, run 400m as fast as possible. Once you have done that, rest 3 minutes and repeat 5 more times.

Why squat for MTB and Moto?

Why is the squat great for mtb and moto riders? Simple – they are a foundational movement that not only build strength in the legs but the while mechanical system. This is important so your core can link your upper and lower body. In turn this will help with bike control by allowing a stronger riding position for longer.

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